Incipio group, created in 2015, is a company that specialises in creating new, dynamic and exciting consumer locations and venues, specifically focused around food and drink within the lifestyle sector. Our concepts are often chameleonic, changing frequently to keep the experience fresh and unique. The theme, restaurants and locations are revamped regularly, keeping the projects varied and current.

In early 2016 we launched ‘Pergola on the Roof’ in White City, which was visited by more than 120,000 people during its first year. 2017 has seen us add to this by building on top of a vacant platform in Paddington an 850 capacity site called ‘Pergola Paddington Central’. Throughout the summer of 2017 we welcomed an amazing 210,000 people to Pergola on the Roof and Pergola Paddington Central combined.

Feast has been developed as a result of our old street food and restaurant experience ‘Little Feast’ which we ran in Shepherds Bush for two years and welcomed over 160,000 people through our gates. Born before Pergola on the Roof is was an Incipio vision that has worked with some of London’s most exciting kitchens  – Polpo, Bao, Bonnie Gull, Patty and Bun, Cheeky Burger, Nanny Bills to name a few. We’ve matured a little bit since we shut at the end of 2016, made things a bit more structured, larger and just a little bit better…welcome to grown up Feast!

Studio 10-11 The People’s Hall, 2 Olaf Street
London, W11 4BE

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